Work Process

  • Records transfer / Collection
  • Arrangement /
  • Appraisal
  • Preservation and
  • Service

Records transfer / Collection

The Presidential Archives, in accordance with the Act on the Management of Presidential Archives, receives records that were created during the five-year term of a president once the presidential term is over, These records are handed down from the president, presidential transition committee, staff offices, security detail office, and presidential advisory committees. In addition, we collect records about the presidents owned by private individuals and organizations located in the country and around the world; and these records may come in various forms, such as paper documents, digital records, web-based records (webpages), administrative information data set, audiovisual records, and gifts from presidents.

Arrangement and Description

The Presidential Archives classifies and arranges received records using systems that are designed based on organization, function, and topic, in order to more effectively manage and utilize the records. The classified records are described using the General International Standards Archival Description (ISAD(G)).
This task support the records management for records professionals and gives useful information to researchers and general readers during the use of presidential records.)


The Presidential Archives reappraises retention period according to legal requirements and utility values. In addition, records with historical or evidentiary value are selected with policy-decision criteria in mind

Preservation and Management

We protect and manage records using optimal preservation environment for each different type of record. Our focus is on maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity to prevent heat deterioration or damage. The records kept in the storage are monitored periodically for quantity and status, and our specialists plan for preservation environment, maintenance and management, as well as security and disaster recovery. Our professionals are also responsible for storage assigning, preservation treatment, and restoration of these records

Copy Preservation - Putting in preservation media

The Presidential Archives preserves the original records on another preservation media for ensuring their permanent preservation and access. This increases the viability of the records in war, fire, floods, and other disasters, and also allows us to provide a smoother records service for users. Paper records are digitized by scanners or made into microfilms, whereas administrative artifacts are digitalized through 3D scanning

Storage Arrangement

Each record item needs a different optimal preservation environment. Even items created using the same media, differ in sizes which may be caused by the difference in creation dates. As such, storage arrangement of the records takes all factors into consideration, and is classified by president, type, and provenance.)


This is a chemical and physical treatment administered to eliminate the cause of damage and restore the records to their original state. Materials similar to the original are used to bring the damaged items closer to its original state. We use complex restoration methods such as smear elimination and reinforcement treatments to prevent future damages to the records.

Public Service


We operate reading rooms to release declassified records inventories and provide presidential records service.
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Exhibition Room

We have permanent exhibition rooms displaying documents, gifts, and photos of former presidents to raise public understanding and awareness of presidential records.

Online Services

We offer online services through our webpage.Record search and cyber exhibition rooms featuring various contents are available.


The Presidential Archives publishes publications introducing declassified documents, gifts, and a list of items in progress of main activities of former presidents.