By Train

Daejeon Station

Get on the subway (for Banseok) → Banseok Station (exit 6) [transfer]take the 990(BRT) → get off at the south stop of Government Complex Sejong.

Jochiwon Station

Bus Terminal → 550,551,601,602 take the bus → Government Complex Sejong

Osong Station

990(BRT) or 751 take the bus

Sejong City 990(BRT)

Daejeon Banseok Station ↔ Sejong Terminal ↔ Cheotmaeul Apartment Complex ↔ Government Complex Sejong ↔ Osong Station

By Bus

Sejong Express & Intercity Bus Terminal(070-4904-3263)

Get on the bus 990(BRT)at the South Transfer Terminal stop (in front of Sejong Express & Intercity Bus Terminal) and get off at the south stop of Government Complex Sejong.

Express & Intercity Bus Timetable Sejong Intercity Bus Timetable Sejong BRT Timetable

By Car

By Expressway

Gyeongbu Expressway

Cheongwon IC → Bugang → Government-funded Provincial Road 96 → Government Complex Sejong

Cheongju IC → National Road 1(To Jochiwon) → Government Complex Sejong

Honam Expressway

Yuseong IC -> National Road 1(To Jochiwon)->Government Complex Sejong

S. Sejong IC->National Road 1(To Jochiwon) Go straight about 1.0km in Daepyeong-ri and take a right turn.

Cheonan-Nonsan Expressway

Jangan IC → Access Road to Government Complex Sejong → Eunhasu Park → Government Complex Sejong

Dangjin-Sangju Expressway

W. Sejong IC(E. Gongju IC) → National Road 36 → Government Complex Sejong


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250 Dasom-ro, Sejong (Presidential Archives)