Organization Chart

Presidential Archives

Administration and Operation Division

Planning, general affairs, and personnel affairs
Reporting on major projects and pending issues
Budget planning, finance, contracts, and supplies
Building facility management
Planning and System Division

Establishment, review, and management of policies, basic plans, and project plans
Operation of the Special Committee for the Management of Presidential Records and implementation of innovative tasks
National Assembly affairs, legislation, and creation of individual archives
Public relations and exchange and cooperation with pertinent organizations
Archival Management Division
Organization and registration of records
Management of designated and secret records
Access review
Re-assessment of preservation organizations
Collection of private, overseas, and oral records
Support TF
Consulting for records management of records production organizations
Transfer of Presidential records and materials
Classification of records production organizations and improvement of their assessment and collection systems
Archival Service Division

Planning and development of content and management and operation of the Presidential records portal
Operation of permanent and special exhibitions and work experience programs
Reading, information disclosure, and research support
Organization and description of archived records, etc.
Preservation and Restoration Division
Preservation treatment (digitalization, deoxidation and sterilization, restoration and reproduction, physiochemical preservation treatment, etc.)
Preservation management (inspection and examination of status, inventory, and preservation statistics management)
Stable management of preservation libraries and maintenance of their environment
Operation of the Presidential records and material management system, etc.
Preservation and restoration of Presidential records and external exchanges and cooperation