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Hello, and welcome to the Presidential Archives website.

Presidential records are valuable public assets that demonstrate the ruling ideologies and policies of an era, which means that they must be systematically managed and controlled by a national agency. However, it has been 10 years since the enactment of the Act on the Management of Presidential Archives and the founding of the Presidential Archives and during this period, there have been multiple attempts to exploit the presidential records for political use and even attempts to distort their contents. Government agencies have exhibited insufficient capability to manage and control these records.

Under such circumstances, the Presidential Archives seeks to maintain and reinforce impartiality through innovation in presidential record management while improving the record control process and enhancing professionalism of staff. In addition to revising related laws and policies, our agency will step up support to presidential record production institutions to make revolutionary changes that will improve the service system under which presidential records are produced, managed and utilized.

These innovations will enable the Presidential Archives to develop into a national pillar for statutory record-keeping and strengthen its transparency and responsibility to become a trusted institution among the people of the Republic of Korea.

Transparent and fair record management is essential for the growth of our democracy.
We look forward to your continued interest and support.
Thank you.